Saturday, January 11, 2020

Successful Online Distance Learning

Successful Online Distance Learning The advent of technology has enabled most universities to provide distance learning capabilities. California Intercontinental University provides technology enabled distance education in a convenient manner. I made a decision to enroll in an online program to achieve my Doctor of Business Administration degree to advance my career forward. I am fully aware that, pursuing my education in an open distance learning environment is not going to be easy.First and foremost, balancing my online learning endeavor together with maintaining my regular life commitments involving family matters, my job and social interactions is expected to be challenging. In order to overcome these challenges, I intend to create appropriate enabling environment for my online learning experience without too much disruptions affecting my way of life. To achieve my objectives, I may have to compromise on some of my social interactions, weekend retreats and hobbies.Establishing ap propriate time and place for reading, comprehensions and conducting my regular assignments to stay on truck are critical success factors that enrich my new online learning experience. While I possess extensive experience using technology (computers and the Internet), acquiring reliable and sustainable communication bandwidth for Internet access is essential. This can be achieved by upgrading my current communication link to a reasonable but robust speed. Furthermore, working in a mobile environment will allow to use the Internet from anywhere at any time.To excel in all of my online courses, I realize that making enough preparation to work in technology environment is critical. Accomplishing weekly assignments alone may not be enough to learn more and retain knowledge. I intend to widen my online learning experience with some extra work in order to retain extra knowledge to achieve my goals. Furthermore, establishing good communication and interaction with my instructors, advisors a nd peers is vital to learn more and share knowledge.

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